Lucas Hall

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Lucas Hall

April 16, 2010

The blog that I will be analyzing is Liquidity Preference, which is maintained by a Mr. Jacob Grier. The content of the blog is directed primarily toward Oregonians, and further directed towards people living in the Portland area. It consists primarily of the author’s personal commentary and opinions on various topics; as the author stated, he’s covered everything from cock tails, and libertarian policy, to tobacco policy and raw milk.

 Further, the content is designed in a very easy to read manner. Instead of going the route of many blogs, which tend to be jam packed with information and gadgets indistinguishable from one another, this blog is simple. The content is clearly separated from the links and various technological gadgets, such as a twitter feed.

 The purpose that I garnered from this blog is that it’s designed to inform; albeit in a commentary driven way. There is no specific topic or field of focus, as the author states clearly that the blog is “unapologetically eclectic.”

 The audience seems to be more of the coffee crowed type, i.e. those who frequent the various coffee shops of the nation. Additionally, something I noticed about the topic titles is that the author used relevant SEO words, which as was stated in class, is important. For example, during the recent tax day, the blog author had a post which included tags and title revolving around taxes. What seems sort of obvious is an important point, because according to my research, around this point in the year words that deal with taxes are among the highest searched for. Further, in terms of SEO and layout, the coding is rather simple, which makes it easier for the Bots to index the site for the various search engines.

 Over all, the design and content of the blog is well done; the content is up-to-date and chock full of terms that can increase traffic to the site, and the purpose of the site is clearly stated and held to without much fuss.


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