Lucas Hall

Sounds and Childhood

In Uncategorized on January 19, 2010 at 10:29 am

What is the value of a sound? For many, a sound is priceless.

Imagine that you are walking home and you hear an all too familiar jingle. You tap your hand on your leg and continue to walk as you recall your distant childhood and the fond memories the sound reminds you.

Sounds often remind us of love or things we never want to lose. We all have one that reminds us of cherished memories from our childhood; it is through these we retain a piece of innocence.

As a child I would frequently spend my time at my late grandmother’s house. She was an artist by trade, and an inspiration because of her strength in fighting polio, the disease she suffered from for most of her life. Often, when I would stay at her house, I would listen to her hum an old radio commercial jingle from her era. She would sing it while I played or fell asleep.

So every time I hear it, I am whisked back to the wondrous days I spent with her; back to her strength and fight, and back to where I first experienced the wonder and beauty of my first love, art.


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