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Homelessness Timeline

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Should the government establish a mandate that increases funding for fighting homelessness?

Homelessness in the United States

1892 – Congress allocates $20,000 for the Labor Department to look at slum conditions in four major US cities. The study reveals that 14% of cities’ residents are termed homeless.

 1908 – President Theodore Roosevelt creates the Housing Commission in order to investigate homelessness.

1925 – Borrowing and mortgaging increases, as a result many people  [sic] and many go poor.

1932 – Due to the Great Depression, countless become destitute.

1933 – The National Industrial Recovery Act allowed Public Works Administration to help slums and public poverty problems.

1938 – The National Housing Act was implemented to build a project for homeless.

1949 – Housing Act enacted to construct 810,000-unit public housing program

1965 – Department of Housing & Urban Development started as to create low-income housing.

1974 –  The Housing & Community Development Act was passed.

1983 – The Housing & Urban-Rural Recovery Act enacted rental rehabilitation programs & limited Section 8 benefits

1998 – Philadelphia develops first plan to end homelessness.


This Miami Herald article discusses one of the recent attempts at funding for the fight against homelessness. It talks about the struggle to allocate the funding toward effective use.

This Family Relations journal article talks about the impact of homelessness on  family relationships and the dynamics that revolve aroun them. It claims that homelessness can at times strengthen the inter-family bond.

This Politics in Minnesota article discusses the recent grant issued to help people who face homelessness fight it. It is important because of the plans and suggestiosn put forth similar to this.–894-000-plus-to-six-homeless-prevention-programs

This article relates the recent grant given by the Housind & Urban Development agancy toward six groups that fight homelessness. It’s significant since there are often issues of funding the fight against homelessness.

This article talks about the state of Iowa getting money for fighting homelessness; the significance of this link is that it shows the first step in the federal government’s plan to fight homelessness though HUD providing $1.4 Billion in aid for homeless people.


These links play an important role in that they address some crucial issues revolving around homelessness – namely in the area of funding, the process of how funding is received, how the funding is used, etc. It also shows that there is a widespread, albeit mostly community focused, effort to fight it. These links will offer the means to branch out, given the references in them of organizations, actions, cities, towns, etc. that are fighting homelessness.


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